Use code " iunsh9zs8v " at check out on your first order and receive $15 off.

Delivery Cities

Antioch, Brentwood, Concord, Oakley, Pittsburg, Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, San Ramon, Danville

Loyalty Points

Earn loyalty points for shopping. Every $10.00 spent in our shop you receive 1 loyalty points.  When spending loyalty points each point is worth $1.00

1. Minimum Order amount required for using Loyalty Points is $ 50.

2. Minimum Order amount for Earning Loyalty Points is $ 45 .

3. Loyalty Points will expire after 270 days.

4. Maximum 100  Loyalty Points can be earned per Order.

5. Maximum 50% of cart value can be paid with Loyalty Points.

6. Loyalty Points usage will be applicable with other offers.

7. All terms & conditions are subject to change without prior information.


Customers earn discounts by referring friends who in turn receive their own discounts when shopping.  

Referral code is a unique number assigned to a customer account. A customer can use this code to refer friends to the app and get rewarded!  When customer refers a friend to the app, their referred friends get $15 off of their first order when they set up their account with us.   

How to share referral code from customer apps?

Once the admin enables referrals from the admin dashboard, the user can navigate to Refer & Earn screen. In Android and iOS apps, it can be accessed from side menu on home screen and in the web app, it can be accessed under profile section on the top bar. 

In this screen, The “Referrer Description “ ( as entered by admin) has shown and then the unique “Referral Code” of the customer.

Some sharing options are also provided for the customer to share their referral codes.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Whatsapp

On these social sites, they can easily share their referral code by tapping on the respective buttons.

Admin can edit the data shared to the customers under the referee description.

For instance, “Share my referral code to get 20% off of your first order. “Here “” text is changed by the customer referral code.

How to avail referral discounts for customers?

Both referrer and referee can avail referral discounts on their orders.

When a customer(Referee) share its referral code with his friends, then on successfully using that referral code on the first order, his friend (Referrer) can avail Referrer discounts defined by the admin only on his first order.

After placing that order successfully, Referee can also avail Referee discounts defined by the admin on his next orders.

How many referral discounts can be avail by a customer?

Referrer discounts can be available once in a lifetime and that on the first order only.

But referee discounts can be availed any number of times.  A customer can invite any number of friends using his referral code. All the successfully placed order using his referral code will provide referee discounts to the Referee.

Can multiple Referral Discounts be availed by Referee in case of multiple successful referral codes in a single order?

Only a single referral discount can be availed in a single order.For instance, if a referee has successfully shared 7 referral codes to his friends and his friends has used this referral code while placing an order. Then he can avail Referral Discounts for 7 orders.